Sunday, 8 December 2013

Of wide leg pants...

Hey there!

Its the end of the weekend and the year almost...I am super excited about the coming week since I am travelling to Goa for a much deserved vacation!!! (Hurray!!)..

I am soo looking forward to the beaches, some quite time off, relaxing under the sun and just doing nothing except worry about where would we eat our next meal :)...aaaaahh! Its making me drool just thinking about it...
I promise to do a post on how it went and of things I get to buy there...I have already planned a visit to the very famous flea market and the Saturday night market...(wink...wink!) here is my quick post about this super hot new trend..wide leg pants... which I have been noticing quite a lot in stores and I know its kind of a hot fashion trend right now too..So I ordered this cool cheetah print pants from an online store and they are amazing! Firstly, because they costed me around 4 $ only (on sale, silly!) and secondly, they are wide leg pants..DUH!..super comfortable and they are oh so flowy and breezy!

Since there was so much busy print on the bottom, I kept the top toned down and accessories to a minimum. I love the way the outfit came together and which is why I went ahead and ordered a second pair of wide leg pants today :)

Hope your weekend went well...wish you a great week ahead!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Of dresses and tights!

Hey girls..!

I am back to my blog once again and it feels like Heaven (yes, with a capital "H", cuz that's how good it feels!).

You might notice I have a slightly different hairdo so let me know what you think of that alongwith my outfit of the day! A simple dress with a long cardigan is a classic look for all you folks out there who are blessed with fall...not for us..we have perennial sunny weather in Mumbai yeah...I am not jealous at not at all..

I am wearing a light shrug kind of thing that's really long and in a lovely teal color. The dress is an old one but i just adore the way it fits...and nothing much but plain black tights and a pair of wedge heels to complete the look..Yeah..the tights did fetch me some weird looks from people but who cares when you feel like a fairy, right??!

Have a lovely week y'all!
Take care!


Sunday, 17 November 2013

The geek brigade!

Hi guys...I have been missing from action since I don't know how long but I love these little visits I can manage to my blog...I absolutely love blogging but I love my regular job I am trying to walk the fine line of balancing both...but failing miserably...but noo problemooo...I will try and try and try till I succeed (or fail!).

Anyhooo.....I have been experimenting with my looks the past few weeks (or maybe months) and this is the most recent looky-look - a little geeky and nerdy, you might say, but its so me that it hurts! ....The denim button down is one of my recent shopping trip finds; its special because its got these lovely flowers on it around the middle...the pants are from Mango...I bought the enormous looking glasses from a new Forever 21 store that has opened nearby and I love, love, love them!
I like the effortless style of wearing a button down with jeans/pants and plain oxfords...There is a certain 'free as a bird' quality to the look that appeals to me...

Hope you like it,..and stay tuned for more (there will be more frequent posts, I promise, so bear with me!)..
Stay stylish and have a great week ladies!


Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Of sheer blouses...

 Hey there!

Almost weekend time and I am sooo looking forward to it...

I have been trying to get rid of a lot of old stuff in my closet lately to make room for new stuff that I have been buying and honestly, it has left me feeling excited!...Everytime I clean my closet, I find at least 5 items that I had forgotten about or stuff that needs minor mending or was thought to be 'lost'....

Well guess what I found this time? This super lovely sheer blouse and these amazing pants...:) And just like any girl who loves to strut her new finds and buys, I wore this to work the very next day! The blouse is from the brand ONLY and the pants are Ann Taylor Loft..Shoes are from a brand called Bella.

As always, would love to hear back from you guys ....and have a great last day of the work week!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Of yellow and green

Hey girls!
I am back after a loooong break and it feels great. My work is going to be less pressure-full for a couple of weeks so I am hoping I will be able to catch up better on posts from now on.

I am doing a quick outfit of the day post wearing my most recent top purchase! And yes, I just noticed from my last post that my hair has grown quite a bit now (enough for me to grab the bunch and do a sad version of the top knot :P )..

Anyways, regarding the top, I love the flowy sleeves (if there is a proper term for the style, please do educate me by leaving a comment below :)) and the beautiful color that reminds me of a lovely summer day! The pants are from Vero Moda and the bag and shoes are old ones...Would love to hear how you guys have been...
Have fun and stay beautiful!

Monday, 29 July 2013

Maxi skirts Part 2

Hey there!!

Yes, I know I have been dead for a loooong time guys and I am so sorry...its just that things have been crazy shit hectic and I haven't been able to do any posts even though I have been preparing for them...But it's still good:)

I have been shopping like a lunatic and have loads of stuff to show you...
But for today, I will only show you a couple of pictures of what I wore today...Indian summers are hot and the rainy days are humid and wet...and maxi skirts are a great comfort compared to skinny jeans or trousers so I have been stocking up on skirts in general...


The necklace is a gift from my lovely mother and so is the cropped top which she DIY'ed! Yeah, I know what you are thinking, awesomeness runs in my family...! Haha....seriously does:)

Have a great week loves...and cya around! XXO!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

OOTD - of denim and lace

Ladies, if there's anything that makes us feel pretty, it's lace.
I dug out this lovely lace dress from my closet today because I had those 'I have nothing to wear' days... I put on my favorite denim shirt and paired it with a comfortable pair of of my favorite relaxed weekend looks.

Because lace is a delicate versatile fabric, I think it blends well with any look - formal, chic, casual, dressy etc and also adds a beautiful feminine softer touch to your overall look along with interesting textures and depth!!

Lace is a hot trend for this summer so I am planning to add on some pastel colored lace shirts to my wardrobe - would love to hear from you on how you plan on cashing on this trend for the season!?

Have a lovely weekend!


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Great online shopping site and great bargains!

Hey there!

I am doing a quick post on this great website that I came across called and they have an amazing selection of clothes, jewelry and other accessories!

I particularly like their collection of wedding dresses, shorts for women and wholesale style jewelry and its great to see such great  value for money prices!

I picked out my favorite picks from their collection and would like to hear what you think about them. Also remember that they have great discounts and all the pieces are unique and very fashionable.!
Have fun browsing their website and shopping!

Sunday, 19 May 2013

OOTD - Stripes

Hey there girlies!

There is something about the simplicity of this look that draws me to it! I love stripes, especially if they are black and white like this one...I live in outfits like this literally because for me, comfort comes first and this look is as comfortable as it can get for a weekend filled with finishing chores around the house...:)

Hope you are having a great Sunday..have a lovely week ahead..


Sunday, 12 May 2013

Polka dots and lovely skirts...

I love how the right skirt can instantly make a girl feel like a million bucks:) ...(if its the right length and fit, of course)

I usually don't wear short skirts but this one hits the sweet spot just at the knees and the color, the pattern and the lovely fabric makes me want to live in this skirt all day! 

I paired mine with an old favorite polka dot blouse and some accessories and now I am off to conquer the world!
Have a nice weekend ladies!