Sunday, 30 December 2012

Pops of red...

Hi there dolls!
Hope you are having a great countdown to the new years eve!
I am enjoying too - meeting up friends and planning what to do on new years eve...and obviously thinking hard on my resolutions list for 2013!

I usually get a case of Monday blues by Sunday evening - dreading that in less than 12 hours I will have to go back to office - but this time it is different; I am looking forward to the week ahead and the party I am going to tonight; which brings me to the outfit of today...

The tunic is one that I got from Bangkok and I am starting to love the color (I generally don't like this shade of purple) and the belt and the bag are from cool street shops of Colaba Causeway - I must do a post one day dedicated to the gorgeous finds from there:)

Anyways..gotta run! Have a great Sunday ..XOXO!

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Of lace shrugs and bright colors...

Hope your Christmas was beautiful and lovely dolls..

I am doing a quick outfit post of what I wore to work look was low on accessories but high on colors and I find I mostly wear bright-y brights when I am happy and in a good yeah, today was good mood day!

The blue lace shrug is an item I bought from Bangkok, and the cute pink  top is from The grey skinny trousers are from Spykar.

This is possibly my first try at mixing such bright colors but I think it turned out all right..what say you??

Take care and have a lovely week!


Monday, 24 December 2012

Of old boyfriend shirts..Refashion

So technically I am not sure if I can call my husbands old shirt as a boyfriend shirt - but what the get the drift...rite???!!?

So anyways, my hubs had this old shirt that he didn't like anymore so I thought of doing some DIY project on it to see if I can save it and turn it into one of my wardrobe staples..I mean who doesn't love a good button down huh?

So firstly I fitted the shirt a bit by sewing along the sides of the sleeve and the insides..and added a few rhinestones on the collar and the pocket and voila!! I have a new shirt in a cute icy-grey-blue shade..(don't have any other term for this color..and I thought girly colors were difficult to describe - fuchsia and mauve and the likes..huh?)

How do like my new look with the refashioned shirt? Would you try something like this out of your mans' shirts?

Merry Christmas dolls! Have a great one!

So here's a pic of the original shirt..
  And pictures below of the shirt after the girly transformation!



Sunday, 23 December 2012

Of sequined treasures!

Hey there loves...
Hope you are having a great Sunday and are getting merrier as Christmas is drawing near!
Since the festival season is in full swing, I decided to do a post on the sequin trend that's really hot right now...I think sequins are a great party look and they just make any plain normal outfit just so darn gorgeous!!

Now the downside to sequins (for me I mean, there can be no downside to anything that glitters, right?:P) is that I am not very confident of wearing a full sequined piece like the jacket in the picture..well, one because I am afraid of looking like a shining beacon and two, because I don't think I can carry it off!!
So for starters like me...I think bringing in the sequin trend subtly through sequined accessories like collars, jewelry, bags and shoes is the way to go...
However, as I said, I love sequins - they just make me feel happy when I look at's a wishlist of my favorite items!

How do you like to wear sequins? and which is your favorite item from below?
Take care dolls and stay stylish!

Sequined treasures!

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Styling colored jeans...ideas

Hey there lovelies!!

Hope you are having a great weekend and looking forward to the festivities ahead!
I have recently started using Polyvore and am loving it!
Here is a quick post featuring outfit ideas (aka my style) for colored jeans...let me know which one is your favorite!!

Have a lovely and blessed Christmas full of love, laughs and joy!


Styling colored jeans...ideas

Styling bright jeans ...part 2

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Of little black dresses

Good day dolls!
Hope you are having an awesome week filled with love, health and happiness...
Well, the festive season is all about lots of get togethers, parties and socialising... I have been to a couple the last few days and here is an outfit post of my most favorite look...
Its my version of the little black dress - the black printed dress is actually a designer one from Anamika Khanna and comes with a thin strap and cowl neck design...I thought it was a bit inappropriate for the party I was going to, so I added my off white lace top on top and belted it up to cinch the waist...
Needless to say my favorite rust colored heels completed the look! Oh yes...the bag is a gift from my mom, its a typical hand embroidered one from Gujarat...
Would love to hear from you on what you think of the whole look!

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Lazy day outfit...

Hey there!

This week is really really busy for me so don't blame me for the title..I know everyone is in the holiday mood but before the holiday season starts at my office, its tons and tons of work and you know what that means - no time to play dress up in the morning and hence I need to be creative with what I can throw on myself in 5 minutes...

Today's look is purely the most simplest 2 things I could pull out from my closet - jeans (of course - God bless Levis!) and a striped tee from Gap..bonus items - a scarf and some cute shoes...

Hope you guys are having a more relaxed week then me and are looking forward to a great Christmas!
God bless! xo!


Saturday, 15 December 2012

Of animal prints...

I am a big big fan of the animal print trend right now but alas...I am also a little shy of wearing them
Todays outfit of the day post is all about putting together different shades/types of animal printed accessories to see if the look works okay...its still a pretty subtle one according to me...what do you think?

My next aim is to graduate to cheetah print skinny jeans and some hot zebra print pumps! 
Santa - are you listening??!:D

Stay gorgeous dolls and have a great relaxing laughter filled weekend!